We understand how important it is to ensure the safety of our staff and customers during the Covid-19 pandemic, so we have clear protocols in place to limit the risks; including but not limited to:

  • Our teams are provided with, and required to wear, a full range of PPE; including goggles, masks, aprons and disposable gloves, we make sure our teams have a fresh set of PPE for every shift or property they attend. This helps us ensure that there is no cross contamination between properties and enables our customers and teams to be as protected as possible.
  • All our teams are kept in small bubbles of 2 or 3. We do everything we can to make sure these bubbles remain static and stable each week to minimise person to person contact. No unauthorised contact of less than 2m is permitted without suitable PPE.
  • We check the temperature of all domestic and small business team members at the start of each and every shift and all our commercial teams are required to comply with our customers own policies.
  • Anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19 are not permitted to attend any workplace and must get a test. They are not allowed back to work until their results have been received and confirmed.
  • Where practical, every team member is provided with their own personal supply of each product, and individualised equipment to ensure there is no cross handling throughout their shift. Where it isn’t possible to individualise kits, the team are required to clean the equipment down after use with a surfactant and virucide.
  • Our product and equipment selection is designed to provide the best possible protection without unduly polluting the environment.
  • Our teams have full authorisation to highlight and reject unsafe conduct and conditions whilst working in homes and businesses. We do not expect them to work in any environment where customers are displaying Covid-19 symptoms or have been required to self-isolate. In most environments, we also encourage our customers to isolate in a different area of the property whilst our team carry out their work
  • We keep accurate records of our teams attendance and who they interact with each day.

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