1How much does your service cost?
Every quote we give is tailored to the client's individual home and lifestyle, so costs will vary. We'll give you a price on our first visit, and you're welcome to take some time to think about it. Our quotes come with no obligation, and no high-pressure sales tactics.

We do have a minimum charge per visit.
2How often will you visit?
That's entirely up to you. We can arrange visits as frequently as you'd like them, or for special events we can make a one-off visit.
3Who will you send to clean?
All our cleaners are directly employed by Puremaison. Every team member has been recruited for their enthusiasm and professionalism, and trained to clean your home to Puremaison’s puredetail standards. We'll always send a team of at least two people, and you'll easily be able to identify them by their uniforms and identity cards.
4What training are the cleaners given?
Each Puremaison team member is thoroughly trained in:

• Personal safety and security for staff • Safety and security for clients and their property • Health and safety at work and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) legal requirements • Standards and behaviour at work • Customer service and customer care • Puredetail, the Puremaison cleaning method
5Will you send the same cleaners each time?
Because our cleaners work in pairs, you'll normally have one or two regular teams cleaning your home. We may also send other teams occasionally, to cover holidays and training or to help on larger cleans.
6Will your cleaners arrive at the same time each week?
Our cleaning teams are tasked with making sure that every home is cleaned to the same standard every time. As a result, we can't guarantee how long each clean will take and what time a team will reach your home. If you need to book a set time for the team to arrive, we can do so at an additional charge.
7Do I need to be in when your cleaners arrive?
You don't need to be at home to let our team in, as they'll have keys. If you do happen to be in when they're working, they'll be as discreet as possible and not trouble you in any way.
8Do I need to leave instructions each week?
Before we get started, a member of our management team will spend some time with you understanding exactly what you'd like doing and how you'd like it done. If there's something special you'd like us to do, just let our head office know - otherwise, we'll carry on each week with the work you've requested.
9Do you use my cleaning equipment?
We issue our cleaners with everything they need to complete your clean to the highest standards, and there's no need to use any of your equipment or products unless they're very specialist. We use fresh cleaning materials on every visit, so there's absolutely no risk of cross contamination between clients.
10What do you do with my personal information?
We're careful to treat all our clients' data in line with the requirements of the data protection act.
11Are you insured if there's damage to my property?
Puremaison is fully insured in the unlikely event of any damage occurring as a result of our services. Please refer to our terms and conditions for full details.
12Can I be sure my house keys are secure?
The short answer to this is 'yes, absolutely'. We're very careful about our clients' security, and we store all keys in a locked cabinet at all times. Keys are only labelled with a reference number and a unique key ID, never with your name or address. On your scheduled clean day, the office will issue your keys to the team leader, who will be responsible for them all day. At the end of the day, all keys are signed back into the head office and returned to the secure cabinet. None of our staff will ever take a key home.
13What happens if I go on holiday or need to cancel a clean?
Ideally, we'd like you to let our head office know of any changes to arrangements at least seven days in advance, so that we can cancel or reschedule. If you cancel less than three days in advance, we'll make the following charges:

• Less than 24 hours notice 100% service charge • Less than 72 hours notice 50% service charge

If, on arrival at your property, our team can't get in because you haven't made reasonable arrangements, we reserve the right to charge 100% of the service charge.
14What standards am I to expect?
We've used our skills and experience to develop the puredetail cleaning programme, a comprehensive cleaning method that guarantees a consistent, detailed and quality clean of your home. Our teams are thoroughly trained right from the beginning, and we monitor and assess their work regularly. We use top quality professional equipment and cleaning products to help us do the best possible job for you.
15What areas do you cover?
We cover a wide area, which includes South Manchester, Chester, Crewe, Warrington and Knutsford.