Puremaison Confidential

At Puremaison we take the greatest possible care of all our clients, but we often get enquires from customers whose circumstances mean they need to be sure of not only the quality but also the discretion of their cleaning service.

That’s why we’ve set up Puremaison Confidential, a special service for clients requiring absolute privacy. As much as possible, we’ll make sure we send the same team to your home every time, and all our teams will be asked to sign confidentially agreements ensuring they won’t be allowed to discuss any client details. If you need a high quality, professional clean service you can trust completely, then Puremaison Confidential is for you.

Domestic Cleaning Case Studies

  • puremaison cleaner
    The Keene Family
    The Keenes and their three children live in a large house with five bedrooms, each of which has its own ensuite. In addition to the upstairs […]
  • Kitchen Cleaning Company
    Mrs Brownlow
    One of our regular clients is a disabled lady. We have to be very careful to return all items in the house to their usual position […]
  • Commercial Cleaners
    The Leahurst Family
    A long term client, Mrs. Leahurst, is married with one small child and another on the way. The family love animals, and have dogs and horses. […]

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